Session A1 Venue: Hall A Wed.21st Dec
Speaker Title Time
Panel 1: Hormonal and Metabolic changes after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Zohreh Maghsoumi Changes in gut hormones after bariatric surgery 8:30-8:50
Dr. Amir Ziyaei Hypoglycemia management after bariatric surgery 8:50-9:10
Dr. Taiebeh Mohammadi-Farsani From Gene Polymorphism to Metabolic outcomes of Bariatric Surgery 9:10-9:30
Dr. Delaram  Eskandari Bariatric surgery and fertility in women 9:30-9:50
Dr.Z,Maghsoumi , Dr.A,Ziyaei, Dr.T,Mohammadi

Dr. D,Eskandari
Moderator: Dr. F,Soheilipour

Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers 9:50-10:20
Break 10:25-10:40
Panel 2: Nutritional Measures and Support before and after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Hasti Ansar Assessment of nutritional status and diet before surgery 10:40-11:00
Dr. Negar Zamani Noor Principles of food plan and food pyramid after surgery 11:00-11:20
Dr. M Tabatabaei Supplement before and after surgery 11:20-11:40
Dr. Mahsa Hatami Nutritional management of hypoalbuminemia before BS: 11:40-12:00
Dr. Yasamin Farahani Nutritional considerations in high BMI adolescents 12:00:12:20
Dr. H,Ansar, Dr. N,Zamani, Dr. M,Hatami,

Dr. Y,Farahani

Moderator:  Dr. M,Tabatabaei

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 12:20-12:40
(lunch) 12:40-14:00
Opening ceremony: Main Hall    14:00-15:00
Panel 3: Free Article Presentation
Dr. Negar Zamani Noor The Role of Effective control of T2DM before One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass on post-operative Glycemic status, weight loss and body fat mass 15:15-15:30
Dr Neda Haghighat Long-term effect of bariatric surgery on body composition in patients with morbid obesity: A systematic review and meta-analysis 15:30-15:45
Leyla Vafa Jejunostomy tube feeding after leakage in bariatric surgery 15:45-16:00
Dr Mahzad Alimian Effects of Liberal Versus Restrictive Fluid Therapy on Renal Function Indices in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery 16:00-16:20
Break 16:20-16:40
Panel 4: The Importance of Managing Eating Disorders before and after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Mojtaba Karimi Diagnosis and treatment of common eating disorders before bariatric surgery 16:40-17:00
Dr. Sara Hashem-Pour Common eating disorders after bariatric surgery and its effect on bariatric surgery outcomes/complications 17:00-17:20
Dr Azadeh Mottaghi eating disorders and eating behaviors in adults prior to bariatric surgery 17:20-17:40
Dr Shahrzad Ahmadkaraji Emotion Regulation in Obesity, Food Addiction, and Binge-eating disorder 17:40-18:00
Dr. M,Karimi, Dr. A,Mottaghi


Moderator: Dr. S,Hashem-Pour

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 18:00-18:20
Session A2 Venue: Hall B Wed.21st Dec
Speaker Title Time
Panel 5: Psychological/Psychiatric Measures and Support before and after Bariatric Surgery
Dr.  Somayeh Motazadian The psychiatric comorbidities of obesity 08:30-8:50
Dr. Razieh Salehian Preoperative psychological evaluations and contraindications for bariatric surgery 08:50-9:10
Dr. Atefeh Ghanbari-Jolfaei Psychiatric problems after bariatric surgery 09:10-9:30
Dr. Soudeh Tajik-Esmaili Psychiatric factors effective in bariatric surgery prognosis 09:30-09:50
Dr. Elham Sharafi Psychiatric interventions after bariatric surgery 09:50-10:10
Dr. S,Motazadian

Dr. A,Ghanbari, Dr. S,Tajik

Dr. E,Sharafi
Moderator: Dr. R, Salehian

Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers 10:10-10:20
Break 10:20-10:40
Panel 6: Pregnancy/ Gynecological Disorders after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Fariba Almasi The time of need for BS from the gynecologist point of view 10:40-11:00
Dr. Shahnaz Ahmadi Bariatric surgery and fertility 11:00-11:20
Dr. Neda Hashemi Pregnancy after bariatric surgery 11:20-11:40
Dr. Shahla Chaychian Menstrual disorders after bariatric surgery 11:40-12:00
Dr. Rahela Moradi Pregnancy emergencies after bariatric surgery 12:00:12:20
Dr. Sh,Ahmadi, Dr. N,Hashemi

Dr. Sh,Chaychian,

Dr. R,Moradi
Moderator: Dr. F,Almasi

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 12:20-12:40
(lunch) 12:40-14:00
Opening ceremony: Main Hall    14:00-15:00
Panel 7: Free Article Presentation
Sara Bagherpour The changes in the composition of breast milk after bariatric surgeries 15:15-15:30
Mitra Manavi Postoperative Outcomes Following Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate Loading in Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Randomized-Controlled Trial 15:30-15:45
Elmira Ramezani The treatment effect of gut microbiota on Iron deficiency anemia after bariatric surgery 15:45-16:00
Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 16:00-16:20
Break 16:20-16:40
Panel 8: Free Article Presentation
Dr Andisheh Norouzian Pregnancy after bariatric surgery: Nutritional consideration 16:45-17:00
Dr Tayebeh Mokhber Investigation of psycho-social issues before and after bariatric surgery 17:00-17:15
Banafsheh Azad Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio as a Preoperative Predictor for Post Complications Following Bariatric Surgery. A Systematic Review 17:15-17:30
Dr Mahkameh Ashourpour Diets prescribed before bariatric surgery 17:30-17:45
Sepideh Talebi Effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids supplementation prior to bariatric surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis 17:45-18:00
Maedeh Sadat Tadayonfar The Effect of Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet compared to Very Low-Calorie Diet on preoperative bariatric surgery complications 18:00-18:15
Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 18:15-18:30
Session A3 Venue: Hall A
Thurs. 22th Dec
Speaker Title Time
Panel 9: The Principles of Supplementation and Nutritional Management of post-op Complications
Dr. Maryam Mahmoudi The effect of Pre-bariatric surgery Ketogenic diet in reducing post-operative micronutrients deficiency and complication 08:00-08:20
Dr. Farnaz Farsi Supplementation/ nutritional management in post-op GI problems 08:20-08:40
Dr Soraya EbrahimPour The role of Nutritional supplementation in improving the metabolic outcome of BS 08:40-09:00
Dr. Hamed Mohammadi Supplementation/nutritional management in weight Regain after BS 09:00-09:20
Dr. MH Abolhasani Supplementation/ nutritional management in post-op anemia 9:20-09:400
Dr. M,Mahmoudi,  

Dr H,Mohammadi

Dr. F,Farsi

Moderator: Dr. MH,Abolhosni

Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers 09:40-10:00
  Break 10:00-10:20
Panel 10: Hormonal and Metabolic changes after bariatric surgery
Dr. Fahime Soheilipour Bariatric surgery in adolescents 10:30-10:50
Dr. Hale Chehreh-Gosha Changes in thyroid hormones before and after bariatric surgery 10:50-11:10
Dr. Amirhossein Ghanouni Bariatric surgery and fertility in men 11:10-11:30
Dr. Fateme Sarv Changes in metabolic indices (insulin resistance, lipids, uric acid, etc.) after bariatric surgery 11:30-11:50
Dr. H,Chehreh-Gosha

Dr. AH,Ghanouni

Dr. F,Sarv
Moderator:  Dr. F,Soheilipour

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 11:50-12:30
  (lunch) 12:30-14:00
Panel 11: Anesthesia Measures and Considerations in Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Nasim Nikobakht Preoperative anesthesiologist evaluation and considerations 14-14:20
Dr. Hamidreza Faiz Anesthesia management of patients undergoing bariatric surgery 14:20-14:40
Dr. Faranak Rokhtabnak Peri-operative Complications from the anesthesia view point 14:40-15:00
Dr. Mahzad Alimian Guidelines for perioperative care in Bariatric surgery 15:00-15:20
Dr Razieh KhaloueiFard Nutritional Care/Support in the ERAS Protocol 15:20-15:40
Dr. N,Nikobakht

Dr. H,Faiz

Dr. F,Rokhtabnak

Dr. R,KhaloueiFard
Moderator: Dr. M,Alimian

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 15:40-16
  Break 16:00-16:20
Panel 12:  Body Countering after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. MR Moghimi Abdominoplasty and brachioplasty after bariatric surgery 16:30-16:45
Dr. A Nowrouzi Cryo-lipolysis technology after bariatric surgery 16:45-17:00
Dr. Hossein Imani Radio frequency (RF) technology and cavitation after BS 17:00-17:15
Dr. Mahsa Malek-Ahmadi The effect of microwave technology on local body fat 17:15-17:30
Dr. MR,Moghimi,

Dr. H,Imani
Dr. M,Malek-Ahmadi Moderator: Dr. A,Nowrouzi

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 17:30-18
Session A4 Venue: Hall B
Thurs. 22th Dec
Speaker Title Time
Panel 13: Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Considerations in Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Shahram Agah Gastrointestinal and liver changes after bariatric surgery 08:00-08:20
Dr. Amirhosein Faghihi Epidemiological investigation and preventable factors of obesity 08:20-08:35
Dr.  Marjan Mokhtare Esophageal structural and motility disorders caused by obesity 08:35-08:50
Dr. Amirpasha Tabaian Diagnostic endoscopy and therapeutic interventions after surgery 8:50-9:05
Dr. Mohsen Masoudi Diagnostic endoscopic procedure after surgery 9:05-9:20
Dr. Abolfazl Namazi Drug therapy of weight Regain after surgery 9:20-9:35
Dr. Sh,Agah

 Dr. A,Faghihi,  

Dr. M,Mokhtare,

Dr. M,Masoudi,

Dr. A, Namazi
Moderator: Dr. A,Tabaian

Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers 09:35-10:00
  Break 10:00-10:20
Panel 14: Complementary Medicine in the Management of Complications after Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Gh Heydari Rad Traditional Iranian medicine in management of flatulence Problems after BS 10:30-10:50
Dr. R Mokaberi-nejad Traditional Iranian medicine in controlling appetite and desire for sweets after BS 10:50-11:10
Dr. M Tansaz   Traditional Iranian medicine in management of libido disorders after BS 11:10-11:30
Dr. M Soltanpour Traditional Iranian medicine in management of weight Regain after BS 11:30-11:50
Dr. M Movahed Traditional Iranian medicine approaches in increasing Basal Metabolic rate 11:50-12:10
  Dr. M,Soltanpour

 Dr. Gh,Heydari Rad

Dr. M,Tansaz

Dr. R,Makbari-nejad


Dr. M,Movahed

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 12:10-12:30
  (lunch) 12:30-14:00
Panel 15: Operating Room in Bariatric Surgery
Mehrdad Skandari Principles of working with laparoscopy device 14-14:20
Kheyrkhah Principles of working with laparoscopic instruments 14:20-14:35
Maryam Mostajab Patient preparation in the operating room 14:35-14:50
Farzaneh Khalafi Sterilization of laparoscopic instruments and equipment 14:50-15:05
Nasrin Mazkouri Principles of working with a stapler 15:05-15:20
Mojhgan Heydari Never Events in obese patients in operating room 15:20-15:35
Skandari, kheykhah,

Mostajab, Khalafi

Mazkouri, Heydari
Moderator: Hamidzadeh

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 15:35-16
  Rest 16:00-16:20
Panel 16: Nursing Practical Considerations after Bariatric Surgery
Shabnam Bararin Nursing care in obese patients before and after surgery 16:30-16:45
Mohsen Dajlari Nursing care of special groups and ICU patients 16:45-17:00
fariba EskandarZadeh Emergencies after bariatric surgery 17:00-17:15
Payam Abbasi Common complaints after discharge from BS (first 30 days) 17:15-17:30
Mohammad Tahanian Working with a CPAP machine 17:30-17:45
Alireza Afshar How to deal with the complaining patients 17:45-18:00
Bararin, Dajlari, Afshar


Abbasi, Tahanian

Moderator:  Dr. S,Madani

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 18:00-18:10
Session A5 Venue: Hall A
Fri, Dec 23th
Speaker Title Time
Panel 17: Nutritional Management in Critically ill Hospitalized Patients with Bariatric Surgery Complications
Dr. L Yazdanpanah Enteral and parenteral nutrition after bariatric surgery 08:00-08:20
Dr. M Khalighi MNT of hypoalbuminemia in critically ill patients after BS 08:20-08:40
Dr. R KhaloueiFard MNT in acute gastrointestinal complications after BS 08:40-09:00
Dr. Mahsa Hatami Supplementation in patients with micronutrient deficiency anemia 09:00-09:20
Dr. Farnaz Farsi MNT in malnutrition after BS and the referral time for revisional surgery 9:20-9:40
Dr. L,Yazdanpanah

Dr. M,Khalighi

Dr. R,KhaloueiFard

Dr. M,Hatami

Dr. F,Farsi

Moderator: Dr. Gh,Mohammadi

Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers 09:40-10:00
  Break 10:00-10:20
Panel 18: Physical Exercises Before and After Bariatric Surgery  
Dr. Ali Mazaherinejad Principles of pre and post-surgery sports prescription 10:30-10:50
Dr. Parisa Nejati Aerobic exercise prescription before surgery 10:50-11:10
Dr. AH Abedi Yekta strength exercise prescription before surgery 11:10-11:30
Dr. M Abolhasani Exercise therapy after bariatric surgery 11:30-11:50
Dr. A Hakakzadeh Exercise therapy in weight loss stoppage/weight regain after BS 11:50-12:10
Dr. P, Nejati

Dr. AH, Abedi Yekta

Dr. M, Abolhasani

Dr.A, Hakakzadeh

Moderator: Dr. A, Mazaherinejad

Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 12:10-12:30
Session A6 Venue: Hall B
Fri, Dec 23th
Speaker Title Time
Panel 19: Free Article Presentation
Dr Babak Hosseini Postprandial hypoglycemia after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass 08:15-08:30
Reza Karimi Changes in gut microbial flora after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy and their effects on post-operative weight loss 08:30-08:45
Zohreh Ebrahimi The Impact of Low Advanced Glycation End Products Diet on Metabolic Risk Factors in obese and overweight individuals: Review 08:45-09:00
Vahideh Banazadeh Impact of RYGB Surgery on Pro-oxidant Antioxidant Balance (PAB) and BMI Variations by Considering the Effect of Dietary Protein Intake 09:00-09:15
Dr Shahram Mohaghegh Effect of exercise training in fasting conditions on body composition, weight management and   fat consumption; a literature review 09:15-09:30
Mohammad Heidari Seyedmahalleh Nutritional status and eating habits prior to bariatric surgery based on BMI classification of candidates 09:30-9:45
Ali Esparham The Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Cardiac Structure, and Systolic and Diastolic Function in Patients with Obesity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 9:45-10:00
Discussion and conclusion – Questions and answers
  Break 10:00-10:20
Panel 20: Free Article Presentation
Amirhossein Hemati Benefits of Dietary Interventions Prior to Bariatric Surgery 10:30-11:45
Soheyl Ahmadyar Obstetric and neonatal outcome after bariatric surgery in 12- and 18-months intervals: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 10:45-11:00
Reyhaneh Mollahoseini Interlukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1RN) gene polymorphism and RYGB surgery 11:00-11:15
Arian Tavakoli Preoperative restricted calorie diets on weight, body mass index, operation time and hospital stay in patients undergoing bariatric surgery 11:15-11:30
Mobina Zeynolabedini Body composition following bariatric surgery correlates with preoperative vitamin D and calcium levels 11:30-11:45
Mahsa Ranjbar Effects of protein supplementation on body composition after bariatric surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis 11:45-12:00
Moharam Jalalzadeh The correlation between preoperative total protein intake, physical activity levels and FFM in 12-months follow ups post-bariatric surgery 12:00-12:15
Discussion & conclusion – Questions & answers 12:15-12:30