Instructions for Poster Presentations

Dear Colleague,

Congratulations for the acceptance of your paper for poster presentation in the proceedings of the ” 5 th International Congress of Iranian Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery”.

The following information is provided to help you with the preparation of your posters for presentation in the congress:

  1. The poster is 70×100 cm in diameters (100 cm vertical and 70 cm horizontal).
  2. The poster should be attractive, expressive, concise, well organized and useful for the target audience.
  3. The content should be organized in two or three columns to make the text easier for reading.
  4. Make sure the content of the poster is easily read from a suitable distance (Font: Calibri or Arial- size for Title: 48-60 / size for main text: 28-40)
  5. The poster’s background must be plain, with no images.
  6. The content can include a summary of your paper, important figures, tables and any other material which enhances the quality of your posters. Do not include unnecessary details.
  7. Start your poster with the Title and continue with authors’ names, affiliations and email addresses.
  8. The text can be written either in English or in Persian.
  9. Posters must be printed on special high quality papers.
  10. Bring your valued posters and leave the rest to us. We will help you with installing it on the right space.
  11. Certificates will be provided for the first author and/or the corresponding author “only if the due fees for the congress are paid”.
  12. The schedule for poster presentations will be announced in the congress website and will be installed in various locations on the event days.