Please, in order to send abstracts of articles, complete the form below and upload the relevant article in the file upload section and click on the SUBMIT button at the end.

Before preparing and submitting your article summary, please refer to the article submission guide section to learn about the scientific titles and topics discussed in the congress.

Please note that the abstract of your article will be sent for judging the articles exactly as you send the file, so please enter all the information including the authors’ first and last names and their affiliation.

Submission Details and Guidelines

❖     All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

❖     Submitted abstract can be sent as a summary of any informative Extended Abstract. This means that it is not necessarily less than 250 words and it can be up to 500 words depending on the type of article.

❖     To ensure clarity, abstracts should be organized into separate paragraphs by different parts of body of articles based on articles type (Please refer to instructions for submitting an abstract by article type)

❖     All abstracts should include the title, the names of the authors, and the name of the organization of all authors (Affiliation), address, telephone and email address.

❖     Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. The name of the presenter should marked underline. Full contact information is required for the presenter.

❖      All abstracts must be submitted to website of congress.

Instructions for preparing abstracts:

❖     Times New Roman font with size 14 font should be used to write all the components in the abstract.

❖     The title of the article should be written in bold with size 14 font.

❖     The names of the authors, and the name of the organization of all authors should be written in size 10 font.

❖     Margin should be 2 cm on each side.

❖     All abstracts should be written in MS Word format (DOC or DOCX).

Instructions for submitting an abstract by article type

1- Original articles include Background and Objective, Materials and Methods, Findings, Conclusion and Key Words.

Note: In clinical trial articles, the IRCT registration code should be mentioned in the procedure or at the end of the abstract.

2- Systematic review articles include Background and Objective, Search Method, Findings, Conclusion, and Key Words.

3- Case report articles include Background and Objective, Patient Report, Conclusion and Key Words.

In all types of articles, the maximum volume of abstracts should be allocated to the working method and main findings of the research. Avoid writing introductions or long conclusions.